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Anxiety Bites- BITE IT BACK 

A workshop for women who are just done worrying all.the.time.

Stress/Anxiety/Worry, whatever your name is for it, you feel like it’s your constant companion. It’s always lurking and you’re just exhausted because your brain just won’t shut off. And you feel like you’re on edge constantly but you don’t know why. Maybe you find yourself laying in bed in the middle of the night rehashing your day?

YOU CAN learn to manage your anxiety and keep it from controlling your life.

Join us for a small group therapy workshop this March and learn:

  • The science behind anxiety and why it matters.
  • Real life strategies and activities to help combat and control anxiety
  • Research backed resources and tips

Next workshop coming Fall 2018

Also, we know it’s Saturday morning, so don’t worry- we will have fresh coffee and a light breakfast waiting 🙂

To reserve your spot:  Payment is due at the time of registration. Just select how many people you want to register for, hit the PayPal icon and boom, almost set. Once you get all your payment info squared away you’ll get a confirmation email. Please note, due to the limited number of seats registration is non-refundable.

Anxiety Bites Workshop100.00 USDSingle Admission to Anxiety Bites Workshop ~ By Yasmine
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