Personalized Therapy

Getting started is easy and your happiness is worth working on!

$100 Per Session


It's never the wrong time to try.  Help can make all the difference!

$150 per 80 minute assessment session

Retreats and Workshops

I usually have at least one event around the corner where great people get together to discuss and accomplish great things! You should join us...

El Dorado County Therapy Counselling Office

Great Location ~ Wonderful Atmosphere

Nobody says you have to have a dim office with a leather couch to get good therapy! My office is warm, bright, and comfortable. Everything you could need to relax and let the healing and growth begin.

A decade of helping people right next door!

I have worked in our community for nearly 10 years as a therapist. I live here with my family and I love helping the people I share this town with live better and happier lives.

El Dorado County Therapy Counselling Office

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