Chances are, if you clicked on this link, I don’t need to explain anxiety to you. You’ve got the symptoms down.

  • Racing thoughts? Check.
  • Trouble sleeping? Check.
  • Intrusive and repetitive negative thoughts? Check and check.

Maybe you have been struggling with it for a few months, or maybe it has been hanging around for as long as you can remember. Regardless of the whys or hows of your anxious feelings, therapy has been shown to be helpful in treating it for many people.

I have a strong background in working with people dealing with anxiety just like you on a one to one basis. I also really love running anxiety reduction groups and watching people make progress together.

Session Pricing

50 Minute Session- $100

Anxiety can be isolating like this woman alone in front of a huge ocean

Let's get started!

Anxiety sucks!

But it IS manageable and you DON’T have to live with worry and fear.

If you feel like you are doing this alone you most certainly are not! To prove it I hold a group workshop on anxiety so you can practice the methods that help most of my patients in a small, comfortable group of people who are also overcoming those feelings that we all want to avoid.

Anxiety Bites Workshop

This popular workshop is something I do often so it’s never very far away. Some of our participants go back for it again if they want the support or a tune up on the methods we teach.

To Learn More about the group workshop and sign up:

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